Revolt Style Studio

cool vintage + more


We buy, sell & trade vintage! If you have any items you wish to sell or trade, let us know! If there's a story behind the piece, we wanna hear it!

  • We're looking for clothing (mainly women's), handbags & clutches, leather belts, and select jewelry, hats & housewares. We are not currently selling or buying vintage shoes.
  • Items must be at least 20 years or older. Right now, that means pre-late 90s (1998).
  • Please deliver items freshly laundered & note any imperfections. Items with any large stains, tears, or missing features will not be accepted.
  • Once the retail price is valued, you will receive 40% of the retail price in store credit or 20% in cash.

Fill out the form below to request an appointment. Appointment times are generally only available during store hours. However, some exceptions may be made.

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