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Vintage to Modern: The 90s Slip Dress

Vintage to Modern StyleAllison NovakComment

Trend Inspiration: the 90s Slip Dress


Take a tip from Kate Moss circa 1994 & get on the slip dress bandwagon ASAP. In the 90s, many fashion bombshells opted for the long, silky piece with minimal accessorizing and nude makeup. This style dominated the runways and red carpet events throughout the entire decade. When the stars weren't dressing their negliges off in the lime-light, they threw their night gowns over a simple tee for a casual, layered look. Though 90s fashion is remembered for its grunge aesthetic, this simple, feminine look prevailed through all the leather & plaid.


It's 2016 & all the big names in Hollywood are flaunting their silky strut in the California sun once again. 20 years later, Selena Gomez, Rihanna & Karlie Kloss are all huge fans of this trend. From pairing it with a leather jacket & sneakers, to dressing it up it out with pumps & pearls, this trend is definitely making its comeback.

York City Boutique Week 2016 Fashion Show

York City Boutique Week 2016 Fashion Show


Taking a page from the 90s fashion playbook, styling for these looks today is practically identical. Simplicity is a great approach, making tousled treads & and oversized tote the perfect combo your look. Channeling models like Gigi & Kendall, pull an Alicia Silverstone & put your dress over a plain t-shirt to perfect an effortlessly chic vibe. And although everyone loves a LBD or LWD, try playing with patterns and textures. That shine of the silky fabric is even more impactful when it is contrasted with a subtle velvet. Of course the soul mate of silk is lace, so opting for a dress with both will turn heads even faster.